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Bambú NA01

Ligature Nova - Alt.sax

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Bambú NA01
Bambú NA01
Bambú NA01
Bambú NA01
Bambú NA01
Bambú NA01


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Ligature Bambu NOVA alto saxophone

NOVA is the first to combine woven strings with a mechanical adjustment and an attached pressure plate.
Its woven system allows a unique vibration of the reed and together with the pressure plate, it provides a wide variety of sounds. The innovative adjustment system provides a wide range of tension possibilities which help control the vibratory energy of the reed.
After placing the Nova ligature on the mouthpiece, adjust it so that the desired sound is achieved.
During the first few days it may require several adjustments since the woven strings begin to accommodate naturally and to copy the shape of the mouthpiece.
Do not over-tighten the screw. An excessive adjustment will reduce the vibration capacity of the reed

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Ligature Nova - Alt.sax Bambú
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